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What our Customers Have Said When Visiting Our One of Our Wine Tastings...

Over the years we h
ave provided wine labels for an amazing array of special occasions and events. In this section of the website we profile some of our clients and their labels, and hope their stories will provide inspiration and perhaps, a few smiles.
If you have used our wine labels for something unique and would like to be profiled in this section, let us know. We cannot promise instant fame and worldwide recognition but you will be helping others craft their own unique wine label experience...a reward in itself.

The following comments were published on the TripAdviser.com website and were sent in by people who visited in the last few months. You can expect just as great an experience when you come to one of our Saturday wine tastings. Check the schedule to see when you’d like to visit.

“AMAZING WINERY!!! Not you typical winery for sure!!!”

Reviewed October 29, 2015EW

I can't wait to visit again in just a few short weeks. At this time they have 24 wines available and I tasted almost all of them...LOL They are all so delicious. The Chocolate Raspberry Port is the BEST. The owners are very nice and informative. I went with my parents and another couple and my dad is thinking about making his own fruit wine. The owners were not shy to give advice. Some other wineries we have been to charge for the information that was given to us fro free. Oh, did I mention that the wine tasting was free too?!?!? AND you pour your own tasting. You are not limited to just a select few. You can taste them all. I love this place. I can't say anything bad about Murielle Winery. You guys are doing a fantastic job! :) Kimberly L.

“Not What I Was Expecting - It's Even Better!”

Reviewed October 5, 2015

Wife and I stopped in on Saturday 10/3/15 right when they opened at 11 am (is that too early to drink? Nah....). We had a very enjoyable time chatting with the owners of the winery (and yes, it is located in an industrial park / small office space environment - but who cares?!).
The wines were overall very good - we enjoyed the red blends & dessert wines more than the whites, but that's just our preference.
Super laid back tasting & the owners are great to talk to. Some great stories and if you listen well enough, you can really get a solid picture of what crafted the wines you are tasting based on the wine makers experience and preferences.
We ended up buying several bottles (they are reasonably priced!).
Ended up staying over an hour just chatting and tasting.
If you have gone to the commercial wineries in Napa Valley with large tasting rooms, a schedule on how to drink and experienced folks telling you what you will like - you are not going to get that here! It was refreshing, enjoyable, and next time we are in Clearwater, we are 100% returning.

Bryan K.

Visited October 2015

“Mind Blown...Perception Changed!”

Reviewed September 21, 2015

We were 3 couples in Clearwater Beach for a getaway weekend and, at a loss when looking for something to do. My sister in law and I turned to TripAdvisor and we both came up with Murielle Winery. We loaded up the Suburban and headed off to give it a try.
Our group's wine making knowledge ranged from completely innocent to what I thought was well versed. We all learned something and were all treated not as visitors, but old family friends. Michael and Janine run an informal tasting and tour of their operation. They make you feel like you are at a dinner party, rather than at a sophisticated winery. We all had a blast. You even pour your own taste!
Every wine tried was a winner and, we tried nearly all of them. We even got to try the Chocolate Raspberry Port right out of the vat. We intended just to get a bottle or two for dinner but, we left with 2 cases.
Having been to Napa Valley and wineries across the country, I was skeptical about a winery in an industrial park, but I am so glad I went. I now view wine making (and wine makers) differently. This was great wine made with love and care. It was a tasting as it should be- relaxed, informal and not pretentious. Simply fun and enjoyable!

Eric B.

Visited September 2015

“Don't Miss This Wine Experience”

Reviewed September 8, 2015

Stopped in to this winery in an industrial business park setting based on research on Trip Advisor. So very glad we did! Janine gave us a great experience. We sampled a few fruit based blends, but nothing compared to the Pinot Noir or the Chocolate Port. For the red wine lover, you cannot pass up the Pinot. Had such a great conversation with Janine about wine, Maryland and California. Make this a must on your travels! Plan to have some shipped for the holidays.

Earlene Brad

Visited September 2015

“WOW! What a FUN time.”

Reviewed August 2, 2015

Rain, rain and more rain. It was my husband's 60th birthday and we were spending the day with our son and his girlfriend. We were trying to find some indoor fun. Someone suggested that we check this winery out. What a GREAT couple who own the winery. The wife had a number of bottles set up to taste. It was left to our discretion what to try. Every wine was delicious. Most all are fruity and sweet but very mellow and smooth. The husband talked and talked with my husband about wine making. My husband has made wine from our fruit so they had quite the discussion. Such a great couple, great visit. We live in North Florida, but our son and girlfriend live in Clearwater. They will be back for more. I bought them a bottle of chocolate raspberry to take home. Very reasonable prices, etc.

Ted and Mel

Visited August 2015