Sampling Murielle Wines
Sample Here on Your Visit Or at Home


Murielle Wines: Try them--you’ll like them

Michael and Janine Biglin open their Murielle Winery for wine tasting several times each month. The upcoming schedule is posted here. Everyone is welcome to attend, and they open as many wines as they feel people would like to taste. (Often 10-15 different varietals.) In addition, they also have a number of barrel samples for visitors to try.

Wine tastings at Murielle Winery have become one of the most popular things to do when people visit Clearwater. (See our ratings on Trip and some of the comments from recent visitors.)

While the Biglins believe that the best place to try their wines is at one of their Wine Tastings, they also realize that many people who live far from Clearwater may not be able to take advantage of this opportunity. That is why they have two special offers available to allow people to sample their products.

The first offer is for people who want to make a special order of smaller bottles to decide on wine used for private labels for wedding or special event favors.
PRICE and picture of small label sampling (own product landing page HERE) The second is an opportunity to order a six-bottle shipment of any combination of up to six different varieties of Murielle wines for the special discount price of just $99, including shipping. Go to (NAME OF SECTION ON WEBSITE) for details and pricing.

Murielle wines are different…and delicious. Sample a number of them, and then add the ones you enjoy most to your personal wine cellar.