Frequently Asked Questions
About Ordering and Buying Murielle Wines

How can I order Murielle Wine?
You can place an order with us in many ways:You can order Murielle Winery labeled wine by clicking on the label or bottle and adding it to your cart on this website. You also may order by calling us at 727-561-0336. (This is especially recommended for those wanting a private label for that special gift or occasion.)

If you want a custom label, email us with a copy of the label you want us to use for your wine and the bottle size you are interested in.

We will send you a proof of your label along with the cost of what your order will be.

For wedding favor orders, you can order a sampler of wines available for this purpose. The cost of the sampler will be applied to your final order. We suggest you order this sampler package by calling our Winery directly at 727-561-0336.

Is shipping expensive?

Shipping is reasonable via FedEx ground.

Where can you ship wine?
See details about shipping here on our website.

Regulations are complicated. We can ship to many states. (See the "Where to Ship" section of this website for a list of available states on our shipping locations page. If you are purchasing our wine from Florida, the appropriate sales tax will be added at the end of your order. A few states require a special sales taxation. These will automatically be added to your order before checking out of your shopping cart.

How can I pay for my wine?

We accept Visa, Mastercard. American Express, Discover and PayPal. Our new order processing system available for this website ensures extra security for our customers. We do take orders by check. You would simply place the order through a PayPal checking account.

Where can I purchase Murielle wines?

We prefer that you purchase our wine during one of our Saturday wine samplings or online. You may also find our wines at some specialty shops throughout Florida. Since so much of our business is special order, we like to work directly with you to ensure your satisfaction.

If we have forgotten anything you may need help with, please feel free to send an email to

Michael [email protected].