Frequently Asked Questions
About Murielle’s Custom Labels

Frequently Asked Questions About Designing Your Own Label

1. Can you design a label for me and what are the charges?

If you bring us a photograph, invitation, picture, drawing, company logo, monogram…or other sample for direction we will design a label for you. There is no charge for label design, no set up fees, no hidden charges. The only qualification is that what you give us not be copyrighted by someone else. (If you go crazy with some out of this world design, we may have to rethink this rule. Hasn’t happened yet!)

2. What type of labels can you design for me?

We can design any type of label you can imagine. Any color, style, shape, or look that you can think of, we probably have created before. The fun part is looking at all the labels we have on file and picking the best from each one. We can even put your picture right on the label.

3. What is private labeled event wine?

Many of our customers choose private labeled wine to enhance or commemorate a special event. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, the holidays or any other special event, we offer our customers a way to use wine to celebrate in style.

4. What other types of private labeled wines do you offer?

Many businesses like to give wine to their employees or customers as special gifts. Having a private label makes the gift even more special.

5. What is your minimum quantity to get a private label?

The minimum order to get private labeled wine is one case.
However, you can purchase any quantity of Murielle Winery labeled wine, including one bottle.

6. What is the quality of the labels?

Our labels are the highest quality you can find. They can take more abuse than most. They will not come off the bottle unless you soak them in soapy water for a few days. The colors will not run or fade. They may scuff if you are really rough with the bottle. We have tested our labels for over six years, and we are happy with the results.