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Welcome to Murielle Winery of Clearwater, Florida. Most people are curious about how we chose the name Murielle. It goes back many years. Actually, to when I was born. See... My  mother's name is Muriel. It is not very often you get to thank your mom for all the wonderful   things She has done for you over all the years since you've been alive. So, We named it after her! (Pretty Cool Huh?)
 We are a small winery located in Clearwater, Florida. We produce many varieties of wine. We have 31 stainless tanks always filled with wine. We ferment, clear, bottle and age all of our wines at the winery. If you would like to see the current wines available, click here . We also have a number of other wines we are working on for future release. If you come by the winery you can sample these wines in progress


 Janine and I along with our 2 Shih Tzus offer a friendly Florida Winery for you to enjoy our hand crafted wines. Our wine tastings are on Saturdays from 11AM to 4 PM. You can see our schedule here:

As a wine maker, I love to chat about wines. I will try to make you feel at home visiting us.  As you will find out, we do not grow grapes. We do not have vineyards. We purchase pressed juice from other vineyards and ferment them here at our Florida Winery.

BTW: We are always at the winery, but if you are going to "Pop" in, please do not get mad at us if we are not here. We will try to accommodate you, but often we are making wine and are quite busy.
Current Labels in progress for Brides
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We were recently featured in an article, Turning Clearwater into a Wine Region.

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